S e c u r e

Secure your client’s highly confidential information


Secure Returns has been built to take advantage of the highest level of security and reliability. Your client’s confidential information is stored on our secure servers. Offering a level of security you would associate with a bank; our servers are located in secure data centers in Australia. The data is encrypted and backed up and never leaves the country.

E f f i c e n T

Inefficiency costs your firm money


Secure Returns has been built to manage the flow of information between you and your clients. Outlook is not a filing cabinet. How much time do you and your staff spend searching for files sent by clients? Secure Returns provides a safe, controlled and managed system to send and receive important files with clients. Extensive reporting provides information at your fingertips.

C o n t r o l

Take control of your information


With the Secure Returns client portal you can control the flow of information between you, your clients and your staff. No more searching through emails for files. No more emails with large file attachments. No more blocked email servers. Personalise your portal to fit your firm’s needs. Take control of your data flow.

U s e r   F r i e n d l y

Incredibly simple for you and your clients

User Friendly

Secure Returns simple interface means your clients can use the system with no training and no instructions. By logging on through your website, your clients will be impressed by your firms innovation and simple way they can access their files 24/7 from any computer with internet access. Your staff will be trained to use the system in less than 30 minutes.

R e p o r t i n g

Extensive reporting provides you with knowledge and control


Reports such as ‘files uncollected by clients’ and ‘by staff’ keep you informed. At a click of the mouse you can view reports that show client or staff activities. Gain control of the flow of information between you and your clients.

E x c i t i n g

Be proactive and innovative with your clients


The Secure Returns client portal brings state of the art technology to your clients through your website. Move your firm beyond email and show your clients and staff your vision and leadership through this exciting communication technology.

Diagram - Secure Returns